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Me, all the time, every day.



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I’m sorry I’m me.

No importa cuánto ni a qué hora,pero ten por seguro que siempre pienso en ti.

— (via stephanny-zamudiio)
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No one cares but hey

  1. Tell us something about:
  2. 1. Your romantic interests- none i hate everyone lol
  3. 2. Your past relationship- was shit
  4. 3. Your current relationship- is non existing
  5. 4. Your best friend- 1200 miles away... and much needed here by me
  6. 5. Your worst friend- narcissistic
  7. 6. Your parents- either extremely chill or overly protective depending on what time and day you approach them
  8. 7. Your siblings-uh married.. used to be cool, dont talk enough now to know
  9. 8. Your pets- diva for a dog who thinks shes a cat.. and overweight cat
  10. 9. Your dreams -not memorable
  11. 10. Your day dreams-about people
  12. 11. Your sleeping patterns-somewhat normal
  13. 12. Your eating habits-pretty fucking screwed
  14. 13. Your hobbies-uhh.. tumblr... thinking of all the time im wasting doing nothing.
  15. 14. Your hopes- get a dog and name it kitty
  16. 15. Your fears-opinionated people
  17. 16. Your confidence- my what? confidence? whats that?
  18. 17. Your anxieties- people,public speaking, speaking in general, drawing attention to myself, large crowds, being alone, sitting for a long time, sitting with my legs side by side without something covering me, being in public alone, running out of things to say in a conversation,partner work in school , ill stop now
  19. 18. Your greatest adventure- um i went on a nice walk today....
  20. 19. Your worst mistake- anything involving my decisions in 7th grade
  21. 20. Your emotions- freaked out lol
  22. 21. Your thoughts- loud
  23. 22. Your physical ills- idk
  24. 23. Your eyes- umm brown
  25. 24. Your ears- awkward.
  26. 25. Your taste-in what?
  27. 26. Your bad habits- popping my jaw, tuning out when ppl talk to me
  28. 27. Your good habits- uh i usually do my hw.. idk
  29. 28. Your music- varies from country to metal sooo
  30. 29. Your writing- sucksish
  31. 30. Your philosphies- uhh
  32. 31. Your sexuality-- straight
  33. 32. Your likes--peanutbutter, people that give good hugs, dogs
  34. 33. Your dislikes-people who give bad hugs, my phone, ppl who get angry easily even tho thats me lol
  35. 35. Your fetishes idk
  36. 36. Your turn-offs- overly confident... overly happy...overly nice..
  37. 37. Your first sexual experience.. none
  38. 38. Your last sexual experience.. still none
  39. 39. Your fantasties.. being able to use 100% of my brain cause thatd be hella cool
  40. 40. Your favourite games.. i like board games
  41. 41. Your favourite books- the fault in our stars, wintergirls, papertowns
  42. 42. Your favourite play- idk
  43. 43. Your personality- awkward, annoying, stubborn, negative..hi be my friend
  44. 44. Your quirks... gah idk
  45. 45. Your sameness- a lot of things
  46. 46. Your depression- confused
  47. 47. Your happiness-very confused
  48. 48. Your role model/inspiration- Miley cyrus ;)
  49. 49. Your flexibility- pretty swell
  50. 50. Your clothes- i have abt 2 shirts i just rewear all the time soo